Though the familiar Avengers have disbanded, it seems that a new team has sprung up from the ashes. This team consists of a new one that is full of new and young heroes.
All the accepted Brotherhood members will go here.
This is where all the accepted dark avengers go.
This is where all the Fantastic Five Characters will go.
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This is where all the shield agents will be placed once they're accepted.
This is where all the X-Men characters will go, once they've been accepted
This is where all the weapon x members will go.
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Not everyone decides to join a team, so they often find their own paths. Other times people are just undecided to a team or a side. So this is where you'll find all the unaffiliated characters.
This is where all the denied, wip aps, and as well the ones that have been abandoned by their members. They will be placed here so if the member chooses to bring them back, they very well can do so.

Character Database